Union / Non - Union Driver

San Francisco / Los Angeles,

and Beyond.

    • Walkie Talkies, 20 Motorola UHF (with Surveillance Ear Pieces / Headsets)
    • WiFi / STARLINK satelite internet
    • PS4
    • Apple TV
    • YouTubeTV
    • Sonos sound system throughout
    • Wireless Color Printer
    • USB Charging plugs EVERYWHERE!
    • Real Espresso, Cappuccino, Lattes, fine selection of Tea
    • MakeUp Station / Wardrobe area
    • Clothes rail space totaling a massive 32ft
    • Two Steamers
    • Portable One-Person Outdoor Changing Tent
    • Two Double Rolling Racks                                                          
    • Full Bathroom, Separate Wash Basin, and Shower
    • Full Kitchen-Gas Stove/Microwave/Convection/Air Fryer
    • Massagers Head / Shoulder / Back / Foot
    • Large Awning, Outdoor lighting
    • Two Wheeled Coolers                            

  • Tables / Chairs for 35 $100 per day

  • External 110v Plugs
  • Stingers
  • Honda 2000i Portable Generator $90 per day

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Motorola Walkie Talkies

$14 per day ea. (20 Walkies)

Clients rave about them. The voice quality is amazingly clear. I chose UHF for its superior penetrating signal when used in cities and inside buildings, and remote mountain locations.
  • Surveillance Earpieces with PTT mics, $8 each
  • Over-the-Head headsets, $6 each
  • Hand Mics, $5 each

Motorola RDU4160d Walkies

BritCrew Advantages
  • Driver stays on board, no accommodation needed.
  • Larger holding tanks mean less dumps saving time and miles.
  • Production, Make-Up and Wardrobe enjoy being able to leave most everything onboard. Completely safe, another big money & time saver.
  • Massagers onboard for Neck/Shoulder/Back/Head/Feet

Green Effort
  • Motorhome runs on Clean Burning Diesel Technology.
  • Solar Panels mean less generator use.
  • Individual cloth Hand Towels are washed for re-use.

  • The BritCrewUSA Phaeton Motorhome is protected 24hrs a day by security cameras and movement sensors.