Production / Talent / Client Motorhomes

Based in Marin County, Northern California

The BritCrewUSA Production / Talent Motorhome is more than just a great work space. It is also comfortable, with ambience and charm for your talent to relax in and enjoy:
  • Satellite TV
  • PS4
  • Apple TV
  • Oxygen Bar
  • Shoulder / Lumbar / Foot /
  • Head massage units.

Easy Access To Stunning Locations

Photo by Peter Williams

We have easy access to the wine country of Sonoma & Napa to the North, San Francisco to the South, Lake Tahoe & the Sierra Mountains to the East, and the rugged California Coastline to the West.

We have also provided the Motorhome on shoots in Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. WHY? Because clients loved the comfort and service we provided for them here in California.

Motorhome Travel Day/s negotiable if budget is tight.
No accommodation required!!
Use this money toward Mileage Cost).

Save $$$ on Fuel  & Overtime
Whether near or far - Bay Area, Los Angeles and beyond - I am a logistic blessing on a shoot, especially if the budget is tight! Why? Simply because I don't have to return to home base at the end of each day.

Save Time & Mileage Costs
That's because the Motorhome can remain on location overnight in most cases.  I do not require hotel accommodation. I just remain at, or carry on to the next location, as I stay onboard. In essence, wherever you're looking to shoot, The BritCrewUSA Production Motorhome is the way to go!

Real Espresso Drinks
Enjoy delicious authentic Espresso Shots, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Americanos and Mochas.
None of this "Pod" inferior coffee on my Motorhome! Not only do they not come close to my great tasting Coffee, but the Plastic Pods POLLUTE the environment!

The BritCrewUSA motorhome is protected and monitored 24 hrs. a day by security cameras and movement sensors.
Rent Your Motorola UHF Walkie Talkies Here!
Model RDU4160d  

Low Introductory Rental Price! Clients rave about these top-of-the-line Walkie Talkies. The voice quality is amazingly clear. I chose UHF for its superior penetrating signal when used in cities and inside buildings, as well as out in remote mountain locations. We tested them out recently in Petaluma, and the signal carried clear & loud for over two miles.
See our Walkie Talkie page.

  • $10 per day ea. (14 Walkie Talkies available).
  • Also available are Surveillance earpieces with PTT mics, $8 each.
  • Over-the-head headsets, $6 each; and hand mics, $6 each.

Go Britcrew, Go Solar
Just imagine being on location, and all you can hear is soothing background music, production chatter, and No Generator!
I recently made a large investment on a new 10 panel Solar Array. Even though I have a 'quiet run' generator, there's a remarkable difference when it's not running. So treat yourself, your clients, and crew to a "Greener" and quieter motorhome experience (Weather and location permitting).

Craft Service 
Energizing. Delicious. Convenient.
Clients and Crews enjoy Carla's healthy foods that keep them going strong throughout the long day! Visit our Craft Service page for more.