Union / Non - Union Driver
San Francisco / Los Angeles, and Beyond

Film / Video / Print / Green Room / Event Support
    • Walkie Talkies, 14 Motorola UHF (with Surveillance Ear Pieces / Headsets)
    • Verizon / AT&T WiFi (4G where available)
    • PS4 / Apple TV
    • Sonos sound system throughout
    • Two Wireless Printers - Inkjet Color / Laser B&W
    • USB Charging plugs EVERYWHERE!
    • Real Espresso, Cappuccinos, Lattes made to order, fine selection of Teas.
    • MakeUp Station / Wardrobe area
    • Clothes rail space totaling a massive 32ft
    • Two Steamers
    • Portable One-Person Outdoor Changing Tent
    • Two Double Rolling Racks                                                          
    • Full Bathroom, Separate Wash Basin, and Shower
    • Full Kitchen - Gas Stove, Microwave, and Convection Oven
    • Massagers Head / Shoulder / Back / Foot
    • Large Awning, Outdoor lighting
    • Three Wheeled Coolers                            
    • Giant Ice Storage Chest holds up to 200 lbs
    • Tables & Chairs for 32 people $100 per day ($75 if using our Craft Service)
    • External 110v Plugs
    • Stingers
    • Honda 2000i Portable Generator $85 per day

The BritCrewUSA Motorhome is protected 24hrs a day by security cameras and movement sensors.

Motorola Walkie Talkies
$10 per day ea. (14 Walkies)
Clients rave about them. The voice quality is amazingly clear. I chose UHF for its superior penetrating signal when used in cities and inside buildings, as well as out in remote mountain locations. We tested them out recently in Petaluma, and the signal carried clearly & loudly for two miles.
  • Surveillance Earpieces with PTT mics, $8 each
  • Over-the-Head headsets, $6 each
  • Hand Mics, $5 each

Motorola RDU4160d Walkies

BritCrew Advantages:
Driver stays on board, no accommodation needed.

Larger holding tanks mean less dumps saving you time and mileage.

Production, Make-Up and especially Wardrobe enjoy being able to leave most everything onboard. It's completely safe, and another big money & time saver.

Massagers onboard for Neck/Shoulder/Back/Head/Feet

Oxygen Bar onboard
Two stations with Headsets deliver to you oxygen enriched air. Increasing the oxygen concentration up to 43% allows you to relax, rejuvenate, and increases stamina and focus. Did you know that 90% of our energy comes from oxygen!

Green Effort
Motorhome runs on Clean Burning Diesel Technology.
Solar Panels mean reduced generator use weather permitting.
Individual cloth Hand Towels are washed for re-use.